Cold Brew


Like surprise parties, camping trips and the supplest of beef briskets, cold brewed coffee is best executed with a bit of foresight. The Filtron method is, for our money, the most reliable and delicious way to get complex single origin iced coffee at home. It takes about 12 hours overall, but the rewards for a little patience are many: If you, like us, have ever stepped onto a forebodingly hot New York street at 7:13 a.m., groggy but determined, you know that each sip is its own reward.

What you'll need

Step-1 Blank
Measure out 2,000 grams (two liters) of water.
Step-2a Step-2b
Place the Filtron’s rubber cap in the hole at the device’s bottom.
Step-3 Blank
Wet your wool filter and place it snugly in the circular groove at the bottom of the Filtron. You’ll want to make sure this is in evenly; otherwise, you run the risk of getting an unsatisfying extraction.
Step-4a Step-4b
Unfold your filter and place it in the Filtron. It will be a bit of a loose fit, so be sure to secure it evenly and fold it where necessary.
Step-5 Blank
Weigh out one pound (454 grams) of coffee.
Step-6a Step-6b
Grind the coffee into a stainless steel bowl (or anything else that’s large enough and won’t leech flavor). Cold brew calls for a finer grind – similar to that of AeroPress.
Step-7 Blank
Add your coffee to the Filtron, then give it a few shakes to level the bed.
Step-8 Blank
Pour your water over the grounds – carefully, of course – in a series of concentric circles.
Step-9 Blank
Submerge the grounds with a butter knife or bamboo paddle.
Step-10a Step-10b
Position the plastic disc filter atop the filter, then place the plastic top component on top of that. It's possible to add the water through this top part, but we've gotten better results by pouring directly on. In this case, the top component will just serve to keep any errant materials out of your coffee. Let steep for 12 hours.
Step-11a Step-11b
Here’s where you’ll need a friend. Carefully position the Filtron over your carafe and swiftly pull out the rubber stopper. Often, you have a couple of seconds before the flow of coffee begins.
Step-12 Blank
Serve over ice. Enjoy.