Bella Donovan

$19.00 / 1 lb

The most popular of all of our coffees, the Bella Donovan is a solid and nuanced introduction to specialty coffee.

How It Tastes
Heavy, comforting, deeply fruited
How To Brew
Drip, French Press, Moka Pot, Chemex, AeroPress

Our Perspective

The Bella is the wool sweater of our blends -- warm, comforting, familiar. Wild and citrusy organic African paired with earthy organic Indonesian makes for a vivid and fairly complex Moka/Java blend. It seems to weather the rigors of the automatic drip machine as well. This is, perhaps, why it's our most popular blend. It is also on the darker side: nice and thick without being inelegant. Bella stands up to milk or cream well, and is easily enjoyed black.

Technical Details

Certified Organic by CCOF
The Bella Donovan is composed of coffees from Ethiopia and Sumatra, which rotate seasonally.