New Orleans Iced Kit

$18.00 / 1 lb

Our New Orleans is a sweet and thick iced coffee, cold-brewed with roasted chicory, then cut with whole milk and organic cane sugar.

How It Tastes
Rich, sweet, syrupy
How To Brew
New Orleans Iced, Cold Brew

Our Perspective

New Orleans-style iced coffee and chicory: There's been a certain amount of clamoring -- yes, clamoring! -- for a way to make our New Orleans-style Iced Coffee at home. So, here we are: a kit! we'll set you up with a pound of the coffee we use for our refreshing New Orleans-style Iced Coffee, an envelope of pre-measured, roasted French chicory, and a copy of the recipe we use -- scaled for one pound of coffee. You will need to add milk, a little sugar, and ice.

Technical Details

The New Orleans is composed of a mélange of beans from various origins.